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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill out a client report form? Why is it important?

Client report forms are emailed to students' teachers and give them credit for attending the session. They inform teachers of what occurred in a session and give tutors credit for hours as well. You must fill out a client report form for every tutoring session - even if the student does not show up!

I can't make it to my appointment. What do I do?

If you're sick or cannot make it to your appointment because of another commitment, contact a member of leadership. DO NOT cancel the appointment. The leadership team will get another tutor to cover it.

I don't understand the material I'm supposed to tutor in. What do I do?

Before your appointment, check the sign-up the student created and see if they left a description of the material they need help with. If they did and you don't understand it, talk to a member of the East WING leadership ASAP. If they did not leave a description and you don't understand it during the appointment, do NOT try to do the appointment. Find a leadership member and they will get your student set up with another tutor!

I'm not going to be here one day/ I have a commitment certain days and cannot be scheduled for appointments on these days. How do I black out my schedule?

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