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ACT/SAT Tutoring


The ACT/SAT are standardized testing programs that the EHS East WING has made an effort to be one of our biggest forefronts this year. One big necessity for these exams is preparation. Students will need to go into their test knowing what to expect to be able to reap the best possible outcome for that test. For example, just knowing that the SAT is composed of four sections, and what each of those sections are composed of, can very well separate the difference between a student scoring higher rather than lower. The WING is here to help students with that process.

ACT and SAT tutoring is available during weekdays before school (7:30-8:00 AM), after school (3:30-4:00 PM), and during all lunch periods in the East WING. Whether math, reading, English, or essay writing, help is needed, and our tutors are ready to give it. However, we do not offer tutoring during weekends, and we cannot do any WING tutoring outside the perimeter of the Etowah East WING. Furthermore, not just anyone can tutor the ACT and SAT- their scores are looked over so we know if they are credible to tutor. Our tutors also work with the section they did the best on so someone who got a low score on math won’t be tutoring math, the same goes for the reading section. In order to obtain the professionalism of our tutoring center, we require each tutor to go through a tutor training to ensure that clients will be in qualified hands and won’t have someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about while being tutored; East Wing tutors are fully trained and qualified for the subject(s) that they are tutoring.

Although some colleges may be test-optional, many colleges still allow for students to submit an SAT and/or ACT score. Submitting an SAT and/or ACT score may be beneficial to a student in the admissions process because colleges look at these scores to help consider a student for scholarships. A test score can also help a student stand out on an application. Accessing your test score and comparing it to the average test scores of other students applying to your college can help when considering submitting your test score to the college or not. If your test score is close to, or higher than, the average student’s test score applying to your college, you should most likely submit it. Some popular schools in state that ARE requiring your SAT/ACT scores include:

  • UGA (University of Georgia)

  • UNG (University of North Georgia)

  • UWG (University of West Georgia)

  • KSU (Kennesaw State University)

  • GIT (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • GSU (Georgia State University)

Some popular schools NOT requiring your SAT/ACT scores include:

  • Berry College


  • Mercer

  • Oglethorpe university

ACT/SAT Tutors typically cost a lot of money for multiple sessions based on when they are available. At the East Wing, our ACT/SAT services are free and are available whenever the student is in need. Colleges are beginning to use Standardized Test Scores again as we are coming out of Covid, so it would be advantageous for your student to take this free opportunity.

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