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Facility Team: Rachel Anderson, Kenneth Burke, Connor Campbell, Kyle Hillhouse, Ryan Lofland, Caroline Lund, Campbell Munsey, Mackenzie Muoio, Chunyin Ng, Rylie Robbins, Nicole Son

Lead Tutoring is another service provided within the WING that allows students to get involved in the tutoring center! A Lead Tutor acts as a receptionist of the WING by providing a warm greeting for the clients and keeping the WING a quiet studying space for those in sessions or in independent study. The Lead Tutor’s role in the community is crucial, as it symbolizes the client’s first impression of the center while relieving tensions or uncertainty that may be felt in the first moments as well as providing a much needed sense of direction.

Lead Tutors are required to go through a tutor training process that happens once every month in order to be initiated into the system. Once they come in to get trained, they will pick the time and days of the week they are available so they are ready to go! Our schedule coordinator for lead tutors will add the students to the list and then schedule them on days where they are available. During the time a student is assigned to lead tutor, they also have responsibilities they must complete in order to maintain a well-rounded space. These assignments can be found sitting right on top of the lead tutor desk. Each set of the responsibilities are different depending on the time of the day, so it is important to make sure the student is paying attention to their designated time. Once a tutoring session is complete, it is encouraged for the Lead Tutor to kindly invite the client back to the WING. A Lead Tutor’s positive attitude sets the tone for the room itself so clients feel welcome, important, and wanted!

Becoming a lead tutor also has some benefits for the tutor as well. Just like a tutor in a normal session, lead tutors will also receive community service hours! They would earn one hour of community service per every session they serve as a lead tutor. Not only that, but the lead tutor can use their time not only greeting and checking in clients, but also getting their own work done peacefully and quietly between classes. It serves as a perfect opportunity to relax or catch up on assignments.

Lead Tutors have a special place reserved in the heart of the East WING. They offer help in so many ways, ranging from introducing clients and tutors to making sure the facility is maintained and well structured. Becoming a lead tutor means becoming an important part in helping the East WING run smoothly on a day-to-day basis serving other students in the Etowah community. We hope your student takes an interest in becoming a vital part of this team!

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