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Getting involved outside of core classes!

by Aaliyah Murry, Rewards Coordinator, Service Team Leadership (2023-2024)


The East WING is a place for everyone. It’s a quiet place to study, relax, or get tutored. It’s a place where comfortability is a priority, after all our tutors did rate the center a 3.7 out of 4 on comfortably. The East WING is a great resource when you need extra help in a class. Peer tutoring can be very useful , but wondering why you should tutor? Tutoring is beneficial to our tutors in many ways. Here are my top 5 reasons to tutor:

  1. It’s rewarding! The feeling you get knowing you helped someone is amazing. It makes you feel good, and makes them feel good.

  2. It’s community service! Every appointment done is a service hour. When you’re trying to build up hours the WING can be a great place to start

  3. It teaches you life skills! Peer tutoring can teach many skills that can be used outside of sessions. Such as communication, leadership skills, and critical thinking skills. It forces us to listen and learn how to be good listeners. These are all skills that are important outside of school.

  4. It’s fun! Peer Tutoring can be super fun because it allows you to branch out and learn how to talk to new people. Our team of tutors are also very close. Great friendships can be made in the WING.

  5. It helps you remember your course knowledge! When you tutor somebody else it allows you to refresh yourself on past content. 

But, often times you may hear someone say they’re afraid to tutor. Whether this be because they fear they may forget things or they aren’t comfortable with the subject. While the East WING does offer study guides to help our tutors, sometimes they just aren’t enough. So, how can you get involved outside of tutoring core classes? Well the East WING offers lots of opportunities to get involved.

One of the easiest ways to get involved in the East WING is Lead Tutoring. This an essential role to the East WING. The Lead Tutor is the person who sits at the front desk and greets those who walk in. They make sure all of the clients are situated with their tutors, and find someone to fill in if a tutor doesn't show up. Lead Tutors are important in helping the WING run day to day. Lead Tutors are also responsible for making sure everyone in the WING filled out an independent study form. They fill the coffee machine with water and pick up the WING when tutors leave. To be a Lead Tutor you don’t have to tutor any core classes, and if you prefer you can choose to just lead tutor. 

Another way to get involved outside of core subjects is our CTAE Program. This is a new addition to the WING Anna Jones and I are cooperating on to bring to the WING. This brings tutoring beyond just the standard core classes here at Etowah. If you are already in these career classes, this is a great opportunity to collaborate on. This branches out to our CTAE classes such as Healthcare Science, Computer Science, Architecture and Design, etc. CTAE programs teaches soft skills, as well as preparing clients for possible career paths. It readies students who may not have a home life that encourages college. It encourages college preparation and readiness through our CTAE clubs and programs.

If you are curious about getting involved at a more leadership position the WING offers a class. But, if you can’t fit the class period into your schedule, WING Assist is a good choice for you. WING Assist is a club that brings leadership beyond just the class period. WING assist members help out the leadership team in what needs to be done, whether that be helping out with penpals, running classroom visits, helping with tutor rewards, etc. WING Assist supports the East WING leadership team directly. WING Assist has monthly meetings, at the Tutor Training and must complete specific requirements to remain members. It also provides a cord for seniors!

So, whether it be lead tutoring, or tutoring math classes, join us in the WING!

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